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How to Stop Procrastinating 10 Top Tips

how to stop procrastinating
Most people procrastinate to some degree or another – it is a common problem, especially in today’s busy world where there are not only so many things you can do to occupy your time, but also so many distractions.

Procrastination can arise from any things – from your background and your own feelings of self-esteem and self confidence right the way through to just being a bit lazy about things, and consequently procrastination is a very complex area to cover, but there are some tips and techniques which anybody can adopt which should help

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5 Best Self Defense Tips

Best Self Defence TipsBad things happen to good people. You may think that personal attacks and robberies and muggings only happen to others, or those incidents that you see reported on TV, on the radio, or in newspapers couldn’t happen to you, but the truth is that they just might.

You may be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and whilst I don’t want to worry you unnecessarily and chances are it will never happen to you – but it is worth being prepared for (or at least think about) the worst scenario and how you can be best prepared,

Here are a few tips to help prevent any type of personal attack as well as defend yourself if an attack happens to occur.

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Tips to Stop Wasting Time Online

Stop Wasting Time OnlineIt is so easy to get distracted when you are online.  You may get distracted by social networks, online games or just simply surfing.  There are so many websites out there that it is no surprise if you get distracted on a webpage which is actually nothing to do with what you originally went online for

If you run a business which is internet dependent or need to be online for any length of time for your job this can be a particular danger and you need to really put in place some strategies to stop wasting time online

Here are a few tips and tricks.  All you need is a little self discipline and a few time management skills and you can immediately become more productive

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Inspirational Videos – Susan Boyle

One of the most inspirational stories of recent times was that of Susan Boyle who appeared on “Britain’s Got Talent” and blew the judges away with her rendition of “I dreamed a dream” and ultimately became a global superstar

I remember watching the program and the time and not so much being struck by Susan’s performance (good as it was), but by the judges reaction (especially Simon Cowell’s) to her before and after.

It just shows you should never pre-judge anyone or anything until you have seen what they can do or what they have to give ….  Enjoy the video …..

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30 Small Business Ideas

small business ideasWhen recession bites the chances of getting released from your job increase, so it is always worth thinking about what you would do if you were laid off and couldn’t get a new job

This situation also applies to many College and University leavers who (at least in the UK) can’t seem to be able to find any regular employment.  I have many examples of sons and daughters of friends of mine actually graduating with good degrees and actually taking unpaid jobs in the hope that it will lead to future paid work.

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How to Cope with Humidity

how to cope with humidity It really depends where you live but one disadvantage of living in warmer climes is having to cope with the humidity.  I personally cannot cope with the heat (my eldest daughter is even worse), and would much rather have “traditional British weather” – not too hot, not too cold, or it starts to affect me.

Any rise in temperature or humidity will have me breaking out in sweat at the drop of a hat, and I have learned some techniques over the years to cope with it …

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How to Build a Support Network

Build a Support NetworkWe all need the support of others.  

We may not need it today. We may not need it tomorrow, but guaranteed at some point you will need to enlist the support of someone you know, either in your close family, your distant family, or from your friends and neighbors

One of my favorite movies (and books for that matter) is called “About a Boy”. If you haven’t seen the film I highly recommend it.

It’s peculiarly British, but it has a great central message and many “laugh out loud” moments… and  a great cast including Hugh Grant, Toni Collette and a very young Nicholas Hoult)…

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